We all love to play the slots or join a game of cards.  We are crazy for the spin of the ball around the roulette wheel or the excitement at the shout of “house!” There are hours to be enjoyed and money to be won – on the best online casino sites on the internet.  But, where is the place you should be? Where should you visit for the best online casinos UK wide?

We want you to have the experience of your life when spinning the reel or when watching the dice.  Our experts, our professional players, have visited all the top online casino sites and offer a review here for you. You will hear about playability, level of fun, size of wins, quality of bonuses… and some more of the serious details about security and reliability.

Our reviewers know how to play and know how to have fun.  By visiting the best online casinos, UK based reviewers see what each site has to offer.  The reviews are based on experience and based on the real needs of the real players.

What makes the top online casino sites?

An exciting gaming experience

Above all else you want the gaming experience to be top quality.  If a casino is going to rank as one of the top online casino sites, then it is going to have to provide a high level of adrenalin fuelled experience. There should be the right balance of game-play to risk; the right opportunities for big, quick wins against long game play experiences.


Part of bringing excitement is by providing choice.  A scattering of slots and one or two tables is not going to excite the user. The top online casino sites will have a wealth of choice – including different playing options on each game.  The best online casinos, UK wide, will provide options for beginner players and advanced players too.

Chance to win big

You want the chance to play with bonuses – you want the option to key into a site when there is a big win promised to someone who plays on the casino site at the single moment in time.  The top online casino sites will offer tips and guidance for how to access these bonuses and the sort of tactics that win out.  The best online casino sites, UK based sites especially, will also offer bonuses for newbies – but you need to make sure there is the chance of a genuine pay out at the end of the playing experience.

The chance to game live

You want the chance to chat and interact; you want the opportunity to feel the experience of a real dealer. Live games are exciting – and if delivered well can ensure that you are on the best online casino site, UK or across the world.  Just imagine being in a poker playoff, at the biggest table, with the most skilled players – and they are there at the same time as you – judging and assessing if they should play the hand or fold.

A live gambling experience against real players really does bring the atmosphere of the casino into your home.  The top online casino sites will offer events and experiences beyond competing against AI computing software.

Quality interface and gaming experience

The gaming will only be great if the software works – and works consistently.  The top online casino sites will have invested in the best gaming experience.  You want smooth, glitch-free gaming – particularly if you have money on the line and a big win in the pipeline.  When we play we will make sure that the sounds, the themes, the animation and all the features are of the highest standard.  We make sure the images render smoothly and that the transfer of money around the site is clear and easy to track.

Your security

Ultimately, to enjoy playing you need to know your cash is safe and secure.  You need to feel assured that you are playing on a site that will deliver.  The best online casino sites, UK or abroad, should be happy to be regulated and happy to fall into the jurisdiction of some of the toughest regulations – the top online casino sites know that offering a secure gaming experience opens the door to a wealth of fun.  With our reviews you will be free from worry and happy to play.

How we help you

We review the best online casinos, UK based, where you can enjoy gambling.  We visit the casinos, play as real live gamers, and understand how awesome it is to play at the site.  Then, we tell you.

We will scour the top online casino sites to find where you can get the best bonuses and the best experiences on the internet.

We also want you to play as an expert.  Not only will we provide you with reviews of the best online casinos, UK based, we will also offer you hints and tips and terminology.  Online gambling can feel mysterious, with words and phrases that you need to know.  We will help you understand what all these terms mean to you.

Time to have fun

The top online casino sites offer excitement and adrenalin fuelled fun.  There are hours of enjoyment to be had when placing stakes on outcomes and winning big.  By using our online reviews, you can short cut to the sites that are going to offer you the best experience.  There is no need for trial and error – just skim through our comments and make your choices based on what you liked about what you heard.