Top 10 Best Online Casino Bonus & Offers UK 2018

What are online casino offers?

It may seem odd, but online casinos do have a habit of giving away money. Why would they want to give you free money to play? Well, bottom line, it is a great way to get you to deposit money to the site. The online casinos enjoy lower overheads than the land-based casino – so they can afford to invest a little more to entice you to the site. Also, they are clever at making it so little of the money they offer as a bonus makes it to your bank account! But, ultimately, this is down to your skill – and you have every chance of winning and cashing out. So, when you are seeking the best casino bonus, UK, 2018 – then you need to be sure you are in with a chance of getting your money

What online casino offers can you expect?

Most of the online casino offers you can expect will be welcome bonuses. This is a pay-out that is in some way equivalent to the amount you deposit or may be a fixed cash amount. It is worth checking out the terms and conditions of these welcome bonuses.

When assessing online casino offers you need to know the terms. Some casinos carry wagering requirements and game restrictions in order to protect the bonuses they give away. A favourite wagering restriction is called a playthrough. This will be symbolised with a multiple symbol on the screen and will indicate the number of times you must bet your deposit amount or bonus amount before the money can be cashed out. Some sites may expect you to wager as many as 35 times before you can take your winnings, if there are any, from the site.

When assessing the best casino bonus, UK, 2018, we take into account the wagering requirements and we make sure you get the best chance of cashing out some winnings – and getting your hands on this free money!

What other bonuses can you expect?

The best casino bonus, UK, 2018 should exceed the standard welcome bonus offered by pretty much all online casinos. You should expect a variety of opportunity for bonus pay-outs. Here is a quick guide to some of the bonuses available online.

Match bonus

One of the most popular online casino offers is the promise to match your deposit – or a percentage of the deposit. Some may even offer a match bonus of 100% – this means if you deposit £100 then you will be given an additional £100 bonus. This is usually only offered to new players – but sometimes casinos may offer promotions for ongoing customers at certain times of the day when clickthrough rates are low.

Cashable bonuses

A cashable bonus is exactly as it sounds – and it is the most transparent and fair bonus you can receive. This is one of the best casino bonus, UK, 2018. Why? You can take the money from your winnings from this bonus as soon as you like. The downside? It is likely that the number of games where you can use this bonus will be highly restricted. Make sure you have been given a cashable bonus before requesting a withdrawal – else you could lose the money – and the winnings too!

No Deposit Bonus

This is the simplest of bonuses and is given to people who register for an account on a casino and prove they are a real player. In some respects, these are similar to cashable bonuses – but by a different name. There may be some limitation on how you can use this – but essentially the money is yours – and there will have been no requirement to deposit funds. It is likely that you may need to deposit some funds before you can withdraw your winnings though.

Sticky Type One

This is an online casino offer that can be used to wager but you will not be able to withdraw it from the site. So, if you are given a sticky type one bonus of £100 and you win £50 – your account will show £150 but you will only be able to withdraw £50. You will be able to continue playing on the site with the full £150. This money is attached to your account permanently – unless you withdraw all your winnings – then it disappears. The good thing about these bonuses is that they are designed to help you meet the minimum wagering requirements on the games in the site.

Sticky Type Two

Everything is the same as Sticky Type One – except the money won’t disappear if you remove your winnings. Again, the point here is to help you meet the wagering requirements of the games you will want to play. These bonuses are in the casinos best interest – as you are likely to stake higher whilst this money sits attached to your account. When seeking out a best casino bonus, UK, 2018 – you are better off with Sticky Type be

Loyalty bonuses

The lifelong customer is the golden chalice of the online world – therefore, the online casino will want to keep your business. Therefore, depending on the casino – they may offer you rewards for continuing use of the casino – whether you can cash out these chips depends on the terms and conditions as always.

Exclusive bonuses

As the name suggests – these online casino offers are for the few. This means that the casino is offering a bonus to certain members who take up certain offers on the website. It all sounds a bit vague – but it completely depends on the nature of membership on the site and the behaviour the casino hopes you will show them as you play.

What makes the best casino bonuses UK 2018?

When judging the best casino bonus, UK, 2018, we hold the online casino offers to some high standards. The most important feature of a good bonus is whether you can actually earn money from the bonus. If all the bonus does is sit on your account as a virtual figure, then this is not a real incentive. We also scour the terms and conditions and work out whether the playthroughs and wagering requirements seem fair.

In short, when we asses the best casino bonus, UK, 2018 we decide if you are really getting a bonus – and you are really benefitting from the enticing offer being promoted.