Top 10 Best New Online Casinos UK 2018

New Online Casinos, UK, 2018

Have you ever wondered where to play games online? There is so much choice – so much chance to enjoy a great experience. Fortunately, there is no need to play trial and error to find the best new online casinos, UK, 2018. We have sacrificed ourselves to a life of online play to search out the best experiences for you. It is tough – but someone needs to find the best new casino for you.

2018 is predicted to be an amazing year for online casinos – with new sites offering a richer, deeper experience than ever before. We are here to be your guide and to ensure you never miss out on a thing!

What does it take to be the best new casino?

Before you dive deep into our reviews, let us make it clear what we were looking for – what does it take to offer the best new casino for our players?

A great look

The very least you should expect from new online casinos, UK, 2018, is an interface that zings. It is not that you want something out of the ordinary, something that doesn’t look anything like a casino. However, it is fair to expect that there are crisp graphics, quick load times and an easily scannable screen.

The best new casinos have an interactive homepage that allows you to customise your look with your chosen widgets. You want to know the latest bonuses in roulette, then it should be available on the home screen with “live” views of current totals. You should see a leader-board changing in real-time and the jackpot total clicking over by the minute.

When you move onto games it should be easy to see how to play – or obvious where you can click to find out how to learn. And the theme of the game should enhance the gameplay. Options should be built around the theme – and the theme make the options fun.

Most of all, the graphics and the interaction should be smooth and help you forget you are in your living room.

Easy navigation

Moving around the site and moving around the game is central to the enjoyment of the site. It should be obvious where you click to log in or register. The deposit and withdrawal buttons should be clear to see. When in the games there should be a common template of how to work with the functionality of the site, for instance: the cash out and leave button should be the same in each game.

It is important that the best new casinos work on the mobile site too. Mobile friendly should mean just that – and it is important that the experience on a phone or tablet is as smooth as on the site for your computers.

Amazing choice

New online casinos, UK, 2018 face a lot of competition. With so many people entering the sector, it is important for the best new casinos to offer extensive choice. You want all the popular options – the slots; the dice; the roulette; some poker. But, the more games on offer, the bigger audience the new online casinos UK 2018 can hope to attract.

Such is the importance of choice and gaming experience, many of the best new casinos have partnered with global gaming software developers to ensure there is this choice and quality.

Many ways to pay

The best new casinos will offer customers a host of ways to transfer funds to the site. Those with most hope of success with also accept cryptocurrency deposits. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, it is essential for new online casinos, UK, 2018 to offer the chance to present a stake as a virtual coin. This will give the new casino some kudos, as they will be associated with innovation – but they also offer patrons the chance to play anonymously.

Can you get at your winnings?

You should be able to get at your winnings within 30 minutes with no hassle. There should be no sense that the casino is purposely delaying payment to prompt further play on the site – and potentially losses. There may be some standard verification needed, as part of the Know-Your-Customer checks, but after the first withdrawal getting your money should be almost instantaneous.

Easy to access support

These new online casino sites should come with top quality live customer support – through a chat option. It is important to project a friendly interface at all levels – and improving the customer experience through high level support is crucial.

Regular promotions and competitions

Although the customer enjoys coming back again and again for a consistent experience – to boost the relationship between casino and patron, there should be regular and spectacular events. This is a must for building a sense of expectation and the extraordinary about new online casinos, UK, 2018.

The events may come in the form of promotions – your standard BOGOF offer or some money back on certain bets. Alternatively, you can put on live experiences, where the player is pitted against real players and there is a goal of achieving an end prize pot.

This should include great bonuses and the chance for free spins. These are elements that keep a patron happy – and the best online casinos get this right over everything else.

Safe and secure gambling

Finally, we check to see that the site has all the certificates, all the licensing, all the assurance from use of encryption and 2FA security features. No site is fun if it is not secure!

When will you start you journey around new online casinos, UK, 2018?

We are here to help you get to know the best new casinos. It is important to the online gambling experience that all the standard features are in place and the functionality works. We want you to enjoy your journey around new online casinos, UK, 2018 – we want you to experience only the best new casinos.