Top 10 Best Online Live Casinos UK

Why play at the best online live casinos UK?

There are lots of reasons why you would want to play at the best online live casinos, UK wide. The advantages are many. You are not just playing the games you would expect to see in a real-world casino – but you are playing against living and breathing gamblers who are playing alongside you.

The world of AI is wonderful, but you always feel like the house has the advantage. Playing at the top live dealer casinos gives you the experience of knowing that there is a battle of skill and luck against another human with hopes and dreams of making it big too!

Playing at an online casino gives you the option of playing when you want and where you want. The experience is fun – exhilarating – allowing you to win big from your sofa. Playing at the best live casinos, UK adds a sense of an event playing out – and you are always invited!

What makes the top live dealer casinos?

Broadcast live!

The top live dealer casinos will offer broadcasts streamed from a studio. The game will be played in real-time with the dealer responding to the prompts given by players over the internet. You should expect different camera angles to be on show – that should allow you to see everything you need to see to be able to make a sound betting choice.

Real-time deposit and withdrawal

It is crucial when taking part in a live gambling event that the chance to deposit money is almost instantaneous. The longer the deposit takes to process, the more game time is lost. If you are quick to get your money to the site, you are going to play for longer, as the momentum of the excitement is maintained.

You should also expect real-time withdrawal of funds. It should be as easy as reaching across the table and collecting up your chips. You should not have to wait to walk away from the table with your winnings.

A welcoming host

The top live dealer casinos are different to experiences in a standard online casino. Your host should make you feel welcome from the moment you join the table. They have an advantage of knowing who you are from your log in name and they should greet you by name. You should have the chance to chat – through messenger – with the dealer and spend time getting to know them. We will make sure this is true, so you can experience the best live casinos, UK.

Reassuring sense of the real

Although the AI in online casinos are set to a fair stake – with the odds of winning published transparently on the site – there is nothing more reassuring than seeing real cards being dealt, or an actual wheel with a ball. The point is that these live games can be broadcast using the actual equipment used in the casino – and not be a programmed computer game. The odds of winning on both are likely similar – it is just reassuring sometimes to see the real thing.

Time to play at the best live casinos UK

So, what sort of games can you expect at the best live casinos, UK? The number of games played live have exploded in recent times. There was a time when it used to be poker and poker alone – now you can expect to find roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more.


You will find that plenty of the best live casinos, UK offer a roulette table. This is not particularly surprising – as it is one of the favourite games in your bricks and mortar gambling establishment. By using multiple camera angles, you should be able to watch as the ball spins, getting a close-up of where it falls, as well as seeing where the money has been staked. A lot of the best live casinos, UK, will offer many variations on the game – including high speed roulette and slingshot roulette.


Blackjack is a classic– and so you should expect this as part of your top live dealer casinos. Again, as with roulette, you should expect different varieties to be on offer – and with a varying number of players. Some tables happily sit seven players at the same time – although realistically, in the virtual world, an infinite number of players can take part at any time.


The great thing about top live dealer casinos and baccarat is the number of side bets you can have. There may not be the variety of forms of the game – which you can expect with Blackjack and Roulette – but the in-game betting is much more interesting. It is likely that you would be able to have such side bets as a wager on pairs, or on big and small cards. The stakes on baccarat tend to be lower than other live gambling experiences – but the options and speed of bets makes up for this.


Arguably, this is the most popular game you will find from the best live casinos, UK. You should find live games wherever you visit – and most offer a variant of Texas Hold’em. The only downside to live play online is you cannot see the other virtual players. This means that any skill of knowing when to bet and when to fold comes from a long-term focus on the plays of your opponents. This means live online poker becomes more a test of your own nerve and ability to see out a hand and win. To be fair, this test of your own courage and your own tolerance of risk more than makes up for not seeing your opponents!

Time to play?

Here we will present you with reviews of the best live casinos, UK wide. We have worked hard to ensure you can click and enjoy the top live dealer casinos out there.