Why online casinos are better than offline casinos?

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There is no doubt that playing in a live casino is something else.  This is especially true if you have been to the bright lights and glare of Las Vegas and worked the strip.  But, this is an experience that should be treasured as a rare occasional life hack.  This is not the way your gambling is best done on a day-to-day basis – an offline casino is meant as a social event.

Here, we introduce you to all the reasons you would be better playing your regular games online rather than offline.

It is super-convenient

In reality, the offline casino is a massive, grand event.  You get out, get dressed up, and you play with your friends.  It takes time and effort to get there and get playing – and the gambling is secondary to the evening out.  Your judgement will be impaired by the free-flowing alcohol and the chatter of other gamblers trying to take you away from your game.

In contrast, the online casino is a click of the mouse away.  You can sit at home – with the odd thirty minutes to spare – and even on the train with your mobile device.  Playing online allows you the convenience to play when you want and where you want – instantly.

Signing up to an online casino is a one-off affair – and after this initial welcome – you will be able to log-in and play in a matter of seconds. The whole gamut of games is available in one space – whether it is online poker, roulette, blackjack or the slots.  Navigate your way around the online casino with a few simple clicks.

You can play for free

Online casinos are also great for playing slots for free.  Sure, you cannot take away any of the winnings – but you get the enjoyment of playing the game without the risk of losing your cash.  But, the reason for playing for free is so you can get used to the game and understand how to play – before you chance losing a lot of money.  It is simple to then proceed to making a wager – but not before you are ready.

However, this is not really what we mean by playing for free.  Online casinos know they have to work hard to win your custom – and then win your loyalty.  When you sign up you will likely be given a welcome bonus – maybe even three bonuses spread over three logins.  You will have to keep betting with this money for a while, depending on the terms and conditions – but you will eventually work your way through the playthrough rate and get to withdraw any winnings – especially if you are a skilled gambler.

Online casinos also run regular bonus events and promotions to keep you interested – these extend your chances of playing for free, enjoying the online environment without overstretching your bank account.

It is the ultimate in comfort

This is the obvious major benefit of online casinos – being able to play on your sofa in your PJs if you wish.  You can set yourself up with snacks and with your favourite tipple – and play without wondering what anyone else is thinking of you and your exploits.

The offline casino is an amazing social experience, but it is a high-pressured environment.  You play at home and you can sit comfortably knowing you only need to please yourself.  You can also stop for a cup of tea when the whim takes you.

In short, playing from your computer or your device is flexible and convenient.

But, it is also a safer environment.  An online environment is perfect for those who want to maintain their anonymity and their privacy.  The high-stakes games mean placing down a lot of cash – and this can make some people feel vulnerable.  All the stakes online are virtual – and no one else can see what you are doing.  Online casinos take the security of your money incredibly seriously – so, even the vague threat of hackers and online scammers is so unlikely that it is a non-threat.

The best of both worlds

The great thing about online casinos is that you can also experience some of the action of the live casino.  All the best online sites will offer live gaming – with a live dealer and video cameras capturing the action from lots of different angles.

There is the chance to chat with the dealer – and play tables with other live players.  One of the downsides of online casinos can be the sense that you are playing against Artificial Intelligence – and so always onto a loser with set chances of winning that are in favour of the house.  The live tables – with other live players and a real dealer give you back the sense that you can show skill and play with luck – and maybe this evens out the chances of winning a little more.

Some of the best online casinos also run tournaments – the chance to play in the type of events that offline casinos are renowned for.  This gives you the social element of the casino – but from the convenience of your own home.

Technology helps

First, the game play in online casinos has to be part of the allure.  The top casinos are drawing in the big names from the world of console games and this adds some class to the experience of online gaming in the casino.  It allows them to play with the themes of games and add a unique approach – something that offline casinos cannot achieve as easily.  There is the chance of playing themed roulette and themed slots – there are imaginative ways of bringing the poker table alive.

Technology also helps with banking and support.  It is easy to deposit and withdraw money – and play with currency rather than chips.  It is also easy to seek support should you need it – and the best online casinos offer frequently asked questions and blogs that offer tips on how to make the most of the site.

In short

The offline casino is great for one-off social experiences – but the online casino comes with many, many upsides that make it a superior way of enjoying your favourite casino games.

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