Top 10 Best UK Online Slots Sites

Top 10 slot casinos introduced

Of all the games you can play online, slots are the most represented on casinos. They are everywhere. Then when you visit each of these sites you will find there are many slots to choose from. Knowing where to go to get the best online slots experience is a crap shoot – you may happen upon the best experience, or you may waste a fortune on a two-dimensional spin of poorly realised symbols.

So, let us introduce you to the top 10 slot casinos and why we think you should try them out. You will then be sure to have an experience that is worth your time – and worth your money.

What makes the best online slots sites, UK and beyond?

Before we introduce the top 10 slot casinos, let’s consider what makes the best online slot sites, UK and beyond. Why should you choose to play online slots?


There will be lots of different online slots to play on each site you visit. Imagine the casino lobby packed with machines – and you get an idea of the dizzying variety available to play. This means if one theme is not for you – you can wander on and play a different one within seconds. This variety of slots helps you feel something of the atmosphere of the physical building online.

Choice between video, jackpot and classic slots

The best online slots sites, UK should give you choice. You should be able to play video slots – which include animated mini-games, as well as popular culture themes. There should be the jackpot slots – were there are ways you can achieve low-level wins but also progressively head towards a big pay out – or make the big win from a single spin. Then, there are the classic slots that replicate what you would find in the casino itself – and comes with the retro feel of old fashion cherries and bars.

Great Jackpots

There are not just standalone jackpots with the best online slots sites, UK. You should also be able to enjoy a progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot open to be won by anyone who plays the slot – and it keeps growing until someone wins it. This could be you – or not – but the point is that the best online slot site, UK, will excite you with the possibility that you could win big with a single spin of the virtual reals.

Free play

You want the chance to practice and to learn the ropes. The top 10 slot casinos will offer you practice play. This means you will be able to spin the reels without having to stake any money. Sure, you won’t win any money as you play for free – but neither will you lose big as you learn how to be successful. This helps you to develop your strategy before you begin to play for real.

Free Spins

You should also be awarded for your loyalty on the best online slots sites, UK. If you keep coming back to the same top 10 slot casinos, then you deserve to be recognised – and be given some free spins as a bonus. You will probably have to sign up as a member to qualify but this is true if you want to deposit funds as well.

Great graphics

The top 10 slot casinos are learning the lessons from the best computer games companies. The graphics you should experience in your slots should rival the gameplay in some of the top console games. There should be an obvious theme, which connects the images, sounds and the ways to win. You will find that slots tend to have the standard ways of playing – so the best slots stand out because of the imagination they put into the story.

A lot of the top slot sites now have some of the best developers in the country working on the games. It is well worth doing some research on the pedigree behind your favourite sites and this will give you some insight into the likely future development of games.

Transparent stats

Your top 10 slot casinos should also be happy to share the odds and ratios with you. Can you search for the average return to player stats for the casino? Is there a percentage paid out to the best players? Can you view data on individual slots – and see reports on its performance. If you are the sort of person who believes in skill over luck, then this is the sort of information that is essential.

A great mobile experience

With slots, more than any other online casino game, you want it to play well on your mobile. It is the sort of game you can easily play while hanging about on the tube or caught with 5 minutes between appointments. It is quick – an instant fix of risk. However, this is only true if the casino has worked hard to make the slot games mobile friendly.

You want graphics that render down well to the smaller screen. You want the touch screen functionality to be easy and to be obvious. You want it to maintain connection without a high demand on Wi-Fi. The best online slots sites, UK, will offer you a great mobile experience.

Join us now in loving the best online slots sites, UK wide!

We demand a lot from the top 10 slot casinos. We believe that the chance to play the slots, wherever you are, is a great way to while away the day and gives a chance for small or big wins – depending on your level of risk.

The best online slots sites, UK, understand the ingredients needed to maintain your attention, push the adrenalin to the max and leave you satisfied that you had every chance to win big on the spin of a reel. If there is a story too – all good – if there is a mini-game attached – even better. Bottom-line – the online slots should do the basics of the coin operated machines well.